For Charterers

The CASPER Service is ideal for Time Chartered vessels for the following reasons:

  • No capital investment required
  • No onboard installations
  • Ships can be enrolled and active at any time
  • Obtain 'snoop-vetting' of ships based on IMO# PRIOR to fixing a charter.
  • Normalization of daily data - for any given Speed, Weather, Draft, we show if the ship meets the CP conditions (for other Speed, Weather, Drafts) so that waiting for 'good weather voyages' is not needed.

Where bunker costs are paid by the charterer, we provide daily analysis of bunker consumption for propulsion, boiler and aux engines. Providing the charterer with unprecedented analysis, benchmarking and recommendations to reduce bunker costs.

Our unique Speed-Power-RPM-Weather modelling allows each day's performance to be normalized to compare to CP or other benchmarks, meaning that all drafts, weather factors, trims and speeds can be instantly compared to commercial (CP) or technical benchmarks.

One of the Aframax tankers in our program, sailing into Sydney.

One of the bulkers in our program sailing to Barcarena to load grain.