Collecting and Analyzing Data

As hydrodynamic experts with 17 years experience, our job is not to sell or install more hardware or software. Rather we analyze your data already captured by other means and sent to us through various methods (email, API's, Veslink, etc). This is where we step in to analyze that data above and beyond what any monitoring system can accomplish on its own.

We provide instant daily analysis of the Speed-Power-RPM-Weather readings to alert the client when ship performance data is outside the laws of hydrodynamics, thus allowing continuous improvement in data quality.

As a matter of fact, more than half of the hundreds of ships in our program have not yet installed any logging systems, yet we are able to provide them with accurate performance analysis. Further, there is a consensus among shipowners that autologged data should never be considered a total replacement for noon-reports.

Each ship is given accurate figures for the speed and fuel penalty due to hull and propeller fouling.

We show you what benefits are attainable by propeller polishing and hull cleaning in terms of reduced fuel consumption or higher service speeds