Hull and Propeller Performance Monitoring

Calculating the ship’s added resistance over time is the ultimate in service performance analysis.

This provides exact figures for changes in ship resistance, and it's impact on speed/power, before and after dry docking, and before and after hull and propeller cleanings.

The before-and-after effects of propeller polishing techniques and new hull cleaning technologies are easily quantified with our services.

With volatile fuel prices, demands to reduce emissions, the advent of environmentally-friendly hull coatings and new hull cleaning technologies, Propulsion Dynamics fulfills a capability gap in cost-benefit of the aforementioned topics. Determining causes of speed losses, for example hull fouling, weather and sea current are part and parcel to our services.


In the CASPER service, each ship is treated in an utterly individual manner.

ShipWe show you what benefits are attainable by propeller polishing and hull cleaning in terms of reduced fuel consumption or higher service speeds

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