Our Service

Sustaining the highest possible propulsion efficiency is critical for economic and environmental prudence. Propulsion Dynamics' CASPER Service provides the ideal solution for Shipowners, Shipmanagers and Charterers that require independent decision-support on how to conserve fuel and reduce emmisions for the active fleet.

The CASPER Service is in active use on hundreds of tankers, containerships, bulkers, ro-ro’s and general cargo vessels without the need for additional software or equipment.

For shipowners: We assist shipowners to meet the unique challenges to improve technical fuel efficiency through a highly accurate performance monitoring service. Determining hull pre-treatment strategies, comparing hull coating systems and cutting operational bunker costs provide shipowners with an immediate Return On Investment utilizing CASPER.

For charterers: We provide a unique service for determining the actual fuel efficiency of the chartered in vessels and reconciliation of the reported daily Fuel Oil Consumption to the theoretical Fuel Oil Consumption.  In addition, we furnish fuel saving predictions attainable from in water husbandry, providing charterers with an immediate Return On Investment utilizing CASPER.

The CASPER Service, Computerized Analysis of Ship PERformance, combines a state-of-the-art hydrodynamic analysis with the expertise of our skilled team of naval architects.

A shipowner’s technical policy in regards to hull and propeller husbandry, fuel savings, emission reduction and is important in order to attain profitable results. Propulsion Dynamics assists shipowners and shipmanagers formulate such a policy and provide the clear facts, so the right decisions can be made on how to optimize ship performance and fuel efficiency With volatile fuel prices, demands to reduce emissions, the advent of environmentally-friendly hull coatings and new hull cleaning technologies, Propulsion Dynamics fulfills a capability gap in cost-benefit analysis of the aforementioned topics.


Each ship is given accurate figures for the speed and fuel penalty due to hull and propeller fouling.

We show you what benefits are attainable by propeller polishing and hull cleaning in terms of reduced fuel consumption or higher service speeds