CASPER Service

In 2013, Propulsion Dynamics celebrated its 10th year in business in the maritime industry.

CASPER is a turnkey subscription service that provide Owners/Operators, Ship Managers and Chartering Managers with unprecedented decision-support for technical and operational fuel efficiency programs and cutting bunker costs.

By recording vessel performance data at periodic intervals while sailing our team of Naval Architects are able to make precise calculations of speed through water, Fuel Oil Consumption and added resistance.

The CASPER Service compares the actual performance of the vessel to the sea trial performance of the ship when it was new-build with a completely clean and smooth hull.

The one figure known as the added resistance is independent of speed, weather and draft and therefore, defines the fuel efficiency and the true condition of the hull and propeller in a non dimensional yet meaningful way.

Our services are compatible with all monitoring and data recording systems. The added resistance, (the condition of hull and propeller), is utilized to reliably determine the Speed and Fuel Oil Consumption for any draft, speed, and weather condition.

No additional software or instruments are required to enroll ships in our program which makes it easy and affordable to get started.

CASPER Reports illustrate following results:

  • Actual Obtainable Speed/Consumption curves
  • Development of hull and propeller resistance
  • Hull and propeller performance efficiency
  • Charter Party analysis
  • Benchmarking and recommendations
  • Fleetwide tools to track hull and propeller efficiency ‘hull efficiency’

Today, our value comes not only from our technical ability, but also the experience and anonymous ship type comparisons we provide for our customers for rapid fuel efficiency assessments.


Each ship is given accurate figures for the speed and fuel penalty due to hull and propeller fouling.

We show you what benefits are attainable by propeller polishing and hull cleaning in terms of reduced fuel consumption or higher service speeds