How the CASPER Service Works

While your ship is at sea the crew on the vessel records performance data at periodic intervals and forwards the data to our office.

Our naval architects then analyze the data and generate a report that provides precise calculations of speed, fuel consumption and resistance in relation to the ship sea trial data (physical model).

For each set of data, we calculate:

  • the propeller thrust
  • speed through water
  • ship resistance, as new, based on calculated speed
  • ship resistance, actual, based on calculated speed
  • added resistance as the difference between #4 and #5 above

All data is fully corrected for wind, waves, sea current, fuel oil quality, water temperature and other variables.

The CASPER Service can be initiated on any ship at any time and does not require additional software or equipment.


Each ship is given accurate figures for the speed and fuel penalty due to hull and propeller fouling.

We show you what benefits are attainable by propeller polishing and hull cleaning in terms of reduced fuel consumption or higher service speeds

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